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Gavin from Ideal Hobbies

Gavin Bach

As far back as I can remember, I was always intrigued by anything Radio Controlled from my first R/C Car when I was 5 to my first control line Aircraft when I was 8.

When I was 14, in the fall of 1984, I was introduced to Radio Controlled Aircraft and soon had developed a passion for the R/C Hobby and had quickly expanded my knowledge into Radio Controlled Boats, Cars, and then later into Helicopters.

In the summer of 1986 I got a part time job at the local Hobby store while going to school. After graduation, I continued my career at the local Hobby store full time for 13 more years until purchasing Ideal Hobbies in December of 2001 turning it into the successful business that it is today.


Marcus of Ideal Hobbies

Marcus Keeler
I was born & raised in England until the age of 24 when I then moved to Germany for work. While I was there I became friends with some guys who ran 1/10th scale cars just for fun. I got involved and have been occupied with the hobby, to varying degrees, since that time. As I moved around Europe for work I would hunt down clubs in which I’d race cars, trucks, boats, Nitro, Gas, Electric, anything I could; this gave me wide exposure to different types of R/C.
I have written for some UK R/C Magazines and have scratch built many custom R/C vehicles many of which have been published online and in print.
As Technology has improved I now enjoy flying electric multicopters, both outdoors & indoors, and I have also returned to indoor car racing.

Peter of Ideal Hobbies Peter Klebert
I was born in Germany and came to Canada in 1958 with my parents at the age of 1. I grew up in Hamilton and went to school in the area. I started R/C racing in 1978 and have enjoyed a lifetime of racing both in Canada and the USA. I moved to Orillia in 2011 and started work at Ideal Hobbies. I’m looking forward to many more years of Competitive racing in the future.

Matt McCartie
I feel like I was born to be a hobbyist.... I was born in Toronto, Ontario and some of my earliest memories were hobby related. My grandfather was an avid model train enthusiast and control line flyer. My father worked at a Canadian hobby supplier and had a huge passion for rocketry and all things radio controlled.
Shoot forward 20 yrs or so after doing some growing up and having some children of my own the allure of radio control called me back. I became hooked quite rapidly buying loads of R/C cars, trucks and eventually teaching myself to fly R/C planes, drones and helicopters.
When the opportunity came to work at Ideal Hobbies in 2017 I jumped at it and am happy to have done so. I’ve made many new friends and get to both talk and teach about something I truly love.


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